Friday, 23 January 2015 08:48
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Повереник за информације од јавног значаја и заштиту података о личности покренуо је поступак надзора над спровођењем Закона о заштити података о личности у Комори извршитеља.

Непосредан повод је начин примене измена Закона о извршењу и обезбеђењу, које су ступиле на снагу 26. децембра. Наведеним изменама обавезани су извршни повериоци да Комори извршитеља доставе податке о веродостојној исправи по основу извршених комуналних и сличних услуга чије се извршење тражи, како би Комора равномерно распоредила исте извршитељима на територији Републике Србије, а тек ако Комора не одговори у року од 5 дана поверилац се може обратити локалном извршитељу.

С тим у складу Комора је обавезана да у року од 15 дана донесе општи акт којим се ближе уређују садржина и начин подношења захтева извршног повериоца Комори, садржина одговора Коморе и начин достављања одговора Коморе извршном повериоцу. Не у року од 15 дана већ истог 26.децембра, Комора на свом сајту објављује да је донела Правилник! Притом није објављена садржина Правилника, нити информације о добијеној сагласности министра и о објављивању Правилника у Сл. гласнику. Објављени су и формулари које је потребно попунити и доставити Комори уз обавештење да ће она повериоцима доставити списак надлежних извршитеља којима треба поднети предлоге за спровођење извршења.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 07:42

The Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Personal Data Protection, appeals regarding publication of the link leading to the database of a large number of personal data in the daily Kurir (Courier), to all media to definitely abstain from such actions.

The authorizations of the Commissioner do not pertain to data processing by the media, but the Commissioner warns all media that by such actions they unnecessarily expose to risk citizens' data and they expose themselves to liability for damage which can result from this.

The Commissioner expects from the authorities, primarily from the Ministry of Interior, to completely clarify the circumstances under which illegal data processing of a large number of citizens occurred.

Without wanting to have a potential negative impact on the activities of the Ministry of Interior, the Commissioner can currently confirm the facts and indications speaking that this is about: data base of members and "secure" voters of one political party (DS – Democratic Party), that this is absolutely and relatively big data quantity (around 150,000 people), that the data compromising is a consequence of the activity of people, out of which some are very young, even under age, and that the server of the SendSpace service, where the link towards the database has been placed, is located abroad (USA).

The Commissioner, as many times before, evaluates that this event is just another confirmation of irresponsible relationship of the state towards the status in the field of personal data protection. The Commissioner reminds that besides several of his warnings to a couple of governments, including the current one, no Action Plan has been articulated for implementing the modern personal data protection standards, as well as that preparing and passing several necessary enactments in the normative sphere, and measures and activities in the education field have been omitted.

Further maintenance of such relationship shall necessarily create negative implications both to the civil rights and to the country reputation.


Friday, 09 January 2015 08:36

The Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Personal Data Protection, Rodoljub Šabić, has in reaction to the crime perpetrated in the Editorial Staff of the magazine "Charlie Hebdo", sent to Mrs. Christine Moro, Ambassador of the Republic of France in Belgrade a condolences telegram, with the following contents:

"I deeply and sincerely regret due to horrible, insane crime perpetrated in the Editorial Staff of "Charlie Hebdo" magazine.

Would you kindly accept and convey, on behalf of the employees of the institution I represent, and on my personal behalf, our deepest sympathy due to the tragic death of French journalists and policemen, to their families."

Monday, 05 January 2015 10:09


The Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Personal Data Protection has received the statement of the Belgrade Land Development Directorate, given under the surveillance procedure, which the Commissioner has initiated in the Directorate, based on the complaint of the Tenants' Assembly in the building in Karadjordjeva no. 36, stating that the Directorate has announced and is trying to implement the "list of tenants" and "surveying of apartments" in order to "determine the factual and legal status", without offering any justification whatsoever and without quoting the legal base, except the abstract formulation "in order to implement Belgrade on Water Project".

The Commissioner requested from the Directorate to declare its view without delay about the legal base and purpose of such personal data processing.

In the statement delivered by the Directorate, it quoted "that the working group with the task to complete the analysis of cadastral lots and facilities has been formed, based on the conclusion of the Mayor of Belgrade, recommending such an action, for the needs of compiling the Special Purpose Plan". It has also been cited that the visit of the facility in Karadjordjeva 36 was "in order to inform the tenants about Special Purpose Plan compilation, and the inquiry whether they have been informed about the "Belgrade on Water" Project".

The statement also contains self-criticizing remarks of the Directorate, that "the information given to the tenants does not reflect the right objective of the visit" and that "if the quoted information has upset or hurt anyone, which was not the intention, they apologize to all and everyone" as well as that "in the future the activities shall be more carefully prepared".

Evaluating the self-criticizing evaluations of the Directorate as useful, the Commissioner once again warned about two things.

As first, that according to the Personal Data Protection Act basic, minimal conditions for permitted processing of personal data are existence of valid legal base and clearly determined purpose of processing. This, in this specific situation (in the absence of legal grounds, because Mayor's conclusion or recommendation is obviously not the same) means that any personal data processing can be permitted solely if performed with explicit (free and informed) consent of the person whose data are dealt with.

As second, following the tenants of the building in Karadjordjeva 36, the tenants of other buildings and users of business facilities, especially in the "narrow" Savamala zone, have expressed their worriedness due to the lack of relevant information. Therefore it is necessary and important that the authorities should eliminate all dilemmas and doubts – by proactively delivering, without waiting for someone to ask for it, all relevant information not just to tenants but to the public in general. The Commissioner evaluates that the Directorate and all the authorities should invest an additional effort in order to secure the specific and complete information regarding "Belgrade on Water" Project implementation to the broadest public in the best way – by publishing them continuously on their official web presentations and in the media.


Tuesday, 30 December 2014 11:40

The Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Personal Data Protection has received today the representatives of the Belgrade group of missing babies' parents. Talking with them, the Commissioner greeted the option of the ministries in charge, to set by a special law an adequate mechanism with strong investigative authorizations and independence, in order to reach specific results, on which the missing babies' parents insist for a long time already.

Parents thanked the Commissioner for the assistance rendered so far, and asked for support also in the future, and the Commissioner promised to give it also in the future within the remit of his own authorizations.

Parents' efforts to reach the information about the missing children last for years, inadmissibly long. Already in 2006 the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Investigation Board has been formed, which submitted a Report on Determined Status and determined the proposal of measures, which, among else, envisaged the task of the Ministry of Interior to investigate all cases of missing babies and to submit a Report within three months, as well as that in the future all cases of such kind shall be processed by the Special Court and Special Prosecution Office.

The parents have already by the end of 2007 asked for the quoted Report from the Ministry of Interior, which was denied to them, and which they have received just after the Commissioner's order. Still, they remained dissatisfied due to failure to implement the quoted measures.




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