Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, based on complaints by a large number of citizens, in which they stress that they have received from „EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY) a letter requesting delivery of accurate unique citizens' identification number (UCIN), as well as they have been informed that a court procedure shall be initiated against them for compensation of damages in case of failure to do so,has implemented surveillance over implementation of Personal Data Protection Act by„EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY). Aftergaining insightinto complete documentation, he concluded that neither the Energy Act or any other Law contains provisions on citizens being obliged to deliver UCIN in order to close the contract on sales of electricity with „EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY), nor for potential initiation of the enforced debt collection procedure by„EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY), which were the reasons for this claim quoted by „EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY).

Lacking the legal base for processing UCIN for these purposes, there should be a consent, i.e. acceptance by that individual. In order to have valid consent, it is necessary to be given freely, which is here not the case, because there is a prospective initiation of court procedure for compensation of damages, and that is of some vague, undefined damages.

Aftercompleted surveillance, the Commissionersent a Warning Notice to „EPS SNABDEVANJE" (EPS SUPPLY), that they are performing illicit processing of UCIN and that within 8 days from the date of receipt of the Warning Notice they shall be obliged to inform the Commissioner and its users by a public statement -end buyers of electricity, about the measures implemented for eliminating irregulaties.


Friday, 11 July 2014 10:29
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03.12.2008.Повереник за информације од јавног значаја и заштиту података о личности упутио је Министарству унутрашњих послова упозорење због непредузимања техничких, кардовских и организационих мера заштите података о личности из система видео-надзора у ПУ Нови Сад.

У упозорењу се у 14 тачака констатују уочени недостаци, а МУП је дужан да у року од 15 дана од дана пријема упозорења обавести Повереника о предузетим мерама и активностима за отклањање уочених неправилности у обради података о личности.

Оцењујући да је конкретан случај још једна потврда хроничног вишегодишњег неадекватног односа према заштити података о личности, повереник Родољуб Шабић изјавио је и следеће:

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 10:07

26.11.2008A representative of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection has been elected Vice-Chair of the Bureau of the Consultative Committee of the CoE Convention on Personal Data Protection (Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data).

In that regard, Commissioner RodoljubSabic said the following:

Thursday, 26 June 2014 10:06

01.12.2008.In his letter addressed to Ms Kori Udovicki, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection reiterated the Initiative for Amendments to Law on Public Administration,proposing the Lawto be amended by provisions which would stipulate the duty for public authorities to have their electronic presentations and to provide for application of those provisions mutatis mutandis to local self-government authorities, agencies and state public enterprises, as well as to provide for sanctions by the law for violation of that duty.


In that regard, Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic also said the following:




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