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03.12.2008.Повереник за информације од јавног значаја и заштиту података о личности оцењује да је појачано интересовање јавности и медија за податке о дуговањима по основу јавно комуналних услуга или јавно правних обавеза, као што су порези и доприноси и сл., и легитимно и логично, али истовремено и упозорава да такве информације када се тичу физичких лица могу задирати у приватност грађана и да, с тим у вези, права јавности подлежу законом утврђеним ограничењима.

С тим у вези Повереник Родољуб Шабић је изјавио и следеће:

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26.11.2008Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection estimates that it is generally unacceptable for anyone to suffer negative consequences for exercising the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and the Law on Free Access to Information.

In letters addressed to presidents of the Journalist's Association of Serbia [UNS] and Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia [NUNS] today, Commissioner highlighted the case of the journalist Snezana Ceriman, employed with the PE ''Radio televizija Kragujevac'', who requested the Commissioner's assistance because she had been served the Warning Letter Prior to Termination for filing an request for free access to information to the energy supply company "EPS Snabdevanje", regarding the data on due power bills of PE ''Radio televizija Kragujevac''.

Recalling that Commissioner does not have any formal authority to assist in the protection of the status of the journalist under the labor law, and estimating that this is something that goes beyond the importance of the individual case and merits adequate reaction of journalist's associations and the public, Commissioner, Rodoljub Sabic, stated the following:

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01.12.2008.On occasion of the news in the media that for opening new accounts, i.e. provision of new services, banks place before new clients the condition that they must sign a statement of consent for their personal data, i.e. data on changes on the account, to be deliverable to tax authorities of the United States of America, the Commissioner for Information of Public Information and Personal Data Protection instituted a special control procedure and requested the banks to declare the purpose and legal grounds for such personal data processing.

The Commissioner warns that in all cases when data processing is performed on the basis of consent it is not only necessary for the consent to be informed, i.e. the concerned person needs to be fully informed about the grounds, scope, purpose and consequences of data processing, but free as well, i.e. if it is conditioned, extorted, such consent cannot produce any legal effect, and personal data processing on such ''grounds'' would be illegal and contrary to the Law on Personal Data Protection.

In itself potential conditioning of banking services with the signing, i.e. denial of services due to non-signing of such a statement does not fall within the competences of the Commissioner, however I believe that this would also constitute violation of the law which the competent authorities should act upon, especially the NBS.

In this regard the Commissioner, Rodoljub Sabic, has stated the following:




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