Can shareholders' personal data be publicly posted online without their consent?

Does a representative office of a foreign company have a duty to report its data files to the Commissioner's Central Register?

Are medical centres allowed to refuse to give a patient his own medical file which he wants to personally take to his new chosen physician at a different medical centre?

Can a pre-school facility, as a personal data controller, transmit information on the psychophysical condition of two underage children, their behaviour towards teachers and other children, absence etc. to a Centre for Social Work as a data recipient?

Is it permissible to create a register of persons with a specific disease and what could be the legal basis for maintaining such a register?

Can a political party access registers of voters or obtain electronic information from the municipal authority in charge of keeping such data?

Is the Commissioner responsible for overseeing the implementation and enforcement of the Law on Personal Data Protection in relation to a daily newspaper which disclosed in an article the particularly sensitive data of a person indicted for robbery and does the Commissioner have the authority to determine how the journalist in question obtained such information?

Can a municipal authority use the data on recipients of veteran and disability benefits, which it processes lawfully, for any other purposes, such as sending of congratulatory cards?

Are employers allowed to process employees' biometric data, such as fingerprints, for the purpose of time and attendance tracking?

From the aspect of the Law on Personal Data Protection, is it lawful to deploy video surveillance in an apartment building by installing cameras on every floor and in the lift cabin in a way which allows all homeowners to see the footage taken by all cameras at all times on their TV screens?

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