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1. Law on free Access to Information of Public Importance (The Official Gazzette of the Republic of Serbia, number 120/04 and 54/07)

  • Monitor the respect of obligations by the public authorities regulated by this Law and report to the public and National Assembly thereof;
  • Initiate the preparation or change of regulations for the implementation and promotion of the right to access information of public importance;
  • Propose to public authorities measures to be taken to improve their work regulated by this Law;
  • Undertake necessary measures to train employees of state bodies and to inform the employees of their obligations regarding the rights to access information of public importance with the aim of their effective implementation of this Law;
  • Consider complaints against the decisions of public authorities that violate the rights regulated by this Law;
  • Inform the public of the content of this Law and the rights regulated by this Law;
  • The Commissioner may initiate the procedure for the evaluation of the constitutionality and legality of the law and other general documents;
  • The Commissioner shall publish and update instruction booklet with practical instructions for an efficient exercising of the rights regulated by this Law in Serbian language, and also in other languages, determined in accordance with the Law as official languages;
  • Through the press, electronic media, Internet, public workshops and in other ways, the Commissioner shall inform the public about the contents of the booklet on application of the Law;
  • The Commissioner shall publish instruction according to which is published the Information Booklet on work of the government body.
  • Perform other duties stipulated by this Law.

 2. Law on personal data protection (The Official Gazzette of the Republic of Serbia, number  97/08)

The Commissioner shall:

  • Supervise the enforcement of data protection;
  • Decide on appeals in cases set out in this Law;
  • Maintain the Central Register;
  • Supervise and allow transborder transfer of data from the Republic of Serbia;
  • Point out the identified cases of abuse in data collection;
  • Produce a list of countries and international organizations with adequate provisions on data protection;
  • Give his/her opinion on the formation of new data files or introduction of new information technologies in data processing;
  • Give his/her opinion in case of doubt whether a data set constitutes a data file within the meaning of this Law;
  • Give his/her opinion to the Government in the procedure of enactment of instruments governing the methods of data filing and safeguards for particularly sensitive data;
  • Monitor the implementation of data safeguards and suggests improvements;
  • Give proposals and recommendations for improving data protection;
  • Give prior opinion on whether a certain processing method constitutes specific risk for a citizen's rights and freedoms;
  • Keep up to date with the data protection arrangements in other countries;
  • Cooperate with authorities responsible for data protection supervision in other countries;
  • Determine the way in which data are to be handled if a data controller ceased to exist, unless provided otherwise;
  • Perform other duties within his/her sphere of competence.
  • The Commissioner may have a deputy responsible for personal data protection.
  • The Commissioner shall forward the report he/she submits to the National Assembly to the President of the Republic, the Government and the Ombudsperson and shall make it available to the general public through appropriate means.