danasMarketing agencies use all means to attract as many clients as possible

Belgrade – With the aim to promote their products and services, many marketing agencies use all means to attract as many clients as possible and they often even abuse citizens' personal data. Namely, the editorial board of our magazine was contacted by citizens who claim that they sent SMS to an organizer of a prize competition according to the rules of that competition, but certain marketing agencies called them the next day to participate in a market survey. When citizens asked them who gave them their phone numbers, they replied that they had received phone numbers from the organizer of the prize competition.

politikaThe so-called security checks have been performed for decades to candidates for employment in the police, the military and security services or at enrolment in education for work in these institutions and these checks do not include only candidates, but their families as well

danasBelgrade - Unfortunately, it is more than evident that our political parties are expressing a high degree of irresponsibility towards the rights of citizens. There are numerous examples of unacceptable relationship towards processing citizens' personal data, says for Danas Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, Rodoljub Sabic, in an interview on the topic whether in this election campaign privacy is more at stake than during the previous ones.

blic- We are literally at the infant stage of introducing a personal data protection system of sorts. We lack legislation relevant for data protection in some vulnerable areas such as biometrics, video surveillance and private security providers, and yet we see it fit to enact new, contentious and risk-ridden legislative instruments like the Law on Electronic Communications – Mr. Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, warned in his interview for the "Blic" daily.

danasThe number of complaints against the republic is at least twice higher than against local authorities, when it comes to the field of free access to public information. There are many more problems at the state than at the local level. However, the fact is that even the amount of interesting information available to the republic authorities is much higher, thus the number of requests for access to them is higher – Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, has pointed out for the daily Danas. Sabic has recently been re-elected to another seven-year term of the Commissioner.

blicFlurry of Complaints by Citizens- Marija Maleš
As the election campaign gathers momentum, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance Mr. Rodoljub Sabic has been receiving an increasing number of citizens' complaints against party-political activists who visit them at home during their door-to-door campaigns and put them in an awkward situation. What upsets them the most is the fact that those activists have access to their full personal data.