Source: Politika

Party officials of the current and former ruling coalitions have not heard of the case of Goran Milosevic, who was the first to uncover the “road mafia”, but they think he should not suffer because of that.


Source: Glas javnosti

Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic wins an insider's struggle against the “road mafia“

The director of the company guaranteed he would reinstate the man who contributed to uncovering of the “road mafia” after almost three years of fight 


Source: Gradjanski list

The Administrative Committee of the Serbian Parliament endorsed yesterday the act of the Commissioner for Information of Public Interest Rodoljub Sabic on the internal organization and systematization of jobs in that service. Sabic will, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, as of January 2009, also assume the competences in that area.




The European Practice is that value judgments need not be proven and hence one may say that a particular politician is irresponsible or incapable.

The legal understanding of the Serbian Supreme Court in relation to the legal sanctioning of the criticizing of public figures, according to Commissioner for Information of Public Interest Rodoljub Sabic, is akin to European standards, because the accepted practice in advance democracies is that the holders of public functions are obliged to "support" more.


Source: Svedok

Regarding the degree of corruption we are „worse from the worst in the region", accompanied with Albania and Montenegro, and behind us is only B&H, warned Rodoljub Šabić, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance based on marking the Global Anti-Corruption Day.