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Exactly a year ago, an “explosion” of information on the fantastic wealth of bosses of Darko Saric’s drug cartel gave the Serbian public a glimpse of an “interesting” example of communication between public authorities. It was indeed very interesting, because it strongly resembled the children’s game of «broken telephones».

First the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism publicly came up with an estimate that more than EUR 1,700,000,000 is “laundered” annually in Serbia, mainly through privatization. This equals one quarter of the total state budget!

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Commissioner’s Request to State Prosecutorial Council


Two members of the state Prosecutorial Council held a meeting at the SIA premises dealing with collection of data on eligibility of candidates who applied for prosecutors

Commissioner for Information Rodoljub Sabic requested from the State Prosecutorial Council its opinion about the authenticity of minutes from the session of this authority held 16 months ago, the content of which raises suspicion that information held by the Security-Information Agency (SIA) were used in the general reappointment of prosecution officials.


Mr. Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, imposed on the Higher Court of Belgrade two fines in the total amount of RSD 200,000 because this judicial instance refused to act in accordance with his ruling and issue a copy of an audio and video recording to lawyer Vladimir Drecun, counsel to one of the defendants before the Special Court.

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A recent assessment of the Commissioner for Information (of public importance and) for the protection of personal data, some issues regarding the assignment of bank claims by citizens, agencies, debt collection point to the need for the state a lot more attention to the protection of personal data and the announcement that the in relation to initiate amendments of some laws have sparked quite a number of reactions. The vast majority, to my satisfaction, was positive. Yet there is always some “happiness spoiler”.

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Recently a press conference with the working title "Let's be honest" organized by a young and cute team of the web site "Istinomer" marked the first year of their work. The main message from the "birthday" was - a one-year analysis and assessment of happenings in the Serbian political scene shows that of all the spoken promises barely a quarter has been fulfilled, therefore, on average, three of four statements that our politicians say  are not true.

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Recently, I had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Bernd Florat, the Director at the Trusteeship of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Handling of Dossiers of the Ministry for State Security of the former German Democratic Republic (Stasi). What else would we speak about, but handling of the secret service dossiers, because the manner in which Germany dealt with the issue of the secret service dossiers represents the best example in the overall comparative international practice, and, for each country facing a similar issue, the German experiences are invaluable.