Source: Blic

Already long time existing stories about “something wrong” with Universiade 2009, has been confirmed by the Government of Serbia by suspending authorizations given to the previous management and by direct participation in organization of this big manifestation. On this occasion it has been stated that doubtful decisions and contracts of the previous management are already discussed, that we're trying to compensate for the lost time and money, that some things can be done even several times cheaper, and that within two or three weeks we shall have final budget for this sports manifestation. Unfortunately, parallely with these news, one can hear that the previous management has continued its work. Briefly said, rashomonism continues, which in many things reminds us of the “gaseous” one, because it insults even elementary legal logics and sane sense of our citizens.

Even the very mentioning of the sane sense orders us to ask ourselves - if in just a few days a method has been invented to „make some things several times cheaper“, how many things could have been a source of savings in Universiade organization, if any kind of control existed in the last three years? And we can also acknowledge that now it is completely clear why the public has never been presented with the Universiade budget, as well as that this budget, „which shall be determined within  two or three weeks“, must be available to the public in its entirety, without any conditions and without delay.

Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Information