Source: Blic

Each year according to the law, the Commissioner for Information submits report to the National Assembly.  Those report have always, besides else contained recommendations for removing observed shortcomings, including the proposals of necessary changes of the Law on Free Access to Information. All three Reports submitted until now, together with proposals have been unanimously adopted in the Assembly Board in charge. Alongside that, the Commissioner warned the Government of Serbia about the need to change the law. The Government, law mover with „monopolistic“ position has never challenged that evaluation. However, three years have passed, and in the Assembly adequate law proposal did not appear for law change. 

Of course, it appeared a couple of months ago, from an „unexpected“ side. Within the activities of the civil sector, model of the law has been made according to the Constitution, with 72,000 signatures of citizens' support, as citizens' initiative, and it has been formally proposed to the National Assembly. That has at its time attracted significant publicity, but still, today in the Assembly website in the column „Laws in the procedure“ you can not find this law proposal.  It vanished, disappeared as a mirage. How and why is it missing? I don't know who can explain that  to the public, but I'm sure that answers to those questions, not only because of those  72,000 who believe in rights established by the Constitution of Serbia, are information of indisputable public importance.