Source: Blic

Recently, the media have once again reported “interesting” news about the so-called “road mafia”. It was the news that some of the accused for organized robbery on highway toll booths, who had been suspended from work on that account, were reinstated by court order. The purported legal grounds for this were certain formal, procedural mistakes made by the legal department of the road utility company “Putevi Srbije” during the proceedings.  

This news has already made some of us wonder - were those real, accidental or deliberate mistakes? Whatever the case may be, it inevitably brings to mind the case of G.M., the man who also used to work in “Putevi Srbije” and who started talking in public about the robbery on the toll booths. And not only did he talk, but he also tried to prove his claims by relevant documents, invoking the right on free access to information enshrined in the law and requesting protection of his right from the Commissioner for Information.

As soon as he embarked on these activities, G.M. lost his job. And in his case there were not handy formal mistakes, accidental or deliberate, to help reinstate him. But the fact that he did not get his job back even after all the documents he requested to be made public confirmed his suspicion is not a formal but a fundamental mistake, indeed even more than that - it is a warning to all “small” people who might stand up against abuse and corruption. Now, is this accidental or deliberate?

Rodoljub Sabic, Commissioner for Information