Monthly Statistical Report in the field of Access to Information and Personal Data Protection


PENDING: 3.919

DONE: 87.612


of Activities of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance

and Personal Data Protection in January 2020

  1. Case Statistics

In January 2020, the Commissioner’s Office received a total of 1508 cases, including:       

  • 951 cases in connection with freedom of information,
  • 460 cases in connection with personal data protection,
  • 97 cases relating to both spheres of competence and operations of the Commissioner’s Office.

            A total of 916 cases were resolved during this month (391 -  freedom of information, 438 – data protection, 87 – harmonisation of the law and regulations).

            There are 3.919 cases pending (3.635 – freedom of information, 236 – data protection and 48 - harmonisation of the law and regulations).

            According to the available call records, 1.802 contacts with citizens and public authorities were made to provide advice on the exercise of freedom of information and with citizens and personal data controllers for consultations in connection with implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection and cases handled.

Monthly Statistical Report