Catalogue  of public authorities in the sense of Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance

Last updated: 27.02.2020.

General notes:

The Catalogue contains data on state and other authorities and organizations, which in the sense of Article 3 of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance ("Official Gazette of the RS" no.s 120/04 and 54/07) represent public authorities to which this law applies.

To the category of public authorities in the sense of this Law belong:
1) state authorities, territorial autonomy authorities, local self-government authorities, organizations vested with performing public authorizations, (state authority in a broader sense);
2) legal entities formed or financed fully or predominantly by a state authority from point 1).

The Commissioner’s Service has used the most diverse sources of information for Catalogue compilation, because not all of the authorities have replied to the Commissioner’s request to deliver data necessary for this Catalogues’ compilation. In that way, besides regulations, for the information contained in the Catalogue, reports and other authorities’ documents have been used, their own and other Internet presentations. Data on legal entities financed from the budget have been secured from the Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance for the needs of this Catalogue.

Having in mind the above quoted reasons, there is a possibility that the Catalogue didn’t cover all entities, which are, in the sense of this law, listed in the category of public authorities.  There is also a possibility that an insignificant number of contained titles transferred from the Treasury Administration, most often under title Funds and the like on the local level, do not have legal subjectivity, and that they do not represent public authorities, but a budget category important for handling funds. Therefore the Catalogue does not have constitutive, but practical, informational character.

The Catalogue in this phase contains data for 11084 subjects, pending that due to the above quoted reasons, that number can be subject to change.

Due to the special status of AP Kosovo and Metohija, authorities from the territory of this Province have been processed both on the Republic and on the local level.

Due to everything stated, as well as due to a large scope of databases contained in the Catalogue, the Commissioner’s Service reserves the right to correct possible mistakes. For those reasons, any suggestion regarding the contents of the Catalogue shall be valuable, and can be delivered to the Commissioner’s Service by e-mail to the address: Ova adresa el.pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli , or by regular mail to the postal address: Belgrade, Nemanjina 22-26 or to the Service Seat in  Svetozara Markovića Street 42.

Note: Web addresses of the public authorities are given only in Latin script

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